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Rost, Johann.

The dark side of software engineering : evil on computing projects / Johann Rost and Robert L. Glass. - 1 online resource (x, 305 pages)

Includes bibliographical references and index.

FOREWORD / INTRODUCTION. What's the Dark Side? -- DARK SIDE ISSUES -- SUBVERSION. Introductory Case Studies and Anecdotes. The Survey: Impact of Subversive Stakeholders On Software Projects. Selected Responses 37. A Follow-Up to the Survey: Some Hypotheses and Related Survey Findings -- LYING. Introductory Case Studies and Anecdotes. Incidents of Lying: The Survey. Qualitative Survey Responses on Lying. What Can Be Done About Lying?. The Questionnaire Used in the Survey -- HACKING. Case Studies of Attacks and Biographies of Hackers. Cyber Terrorism and Government-Sponsored Hacking. The Hacker Subculture. How a Hacker Is Identified. Time Line of a Typical Malware Attack. Hacker Economy: How Does a Hacker Make Money?. Social Engineering. A Lingering Question. Late-Breaking News -- THEFT OF INFORMATION. Introduction. Case Studies. How Do the Victims Find Out That Their Secrets Are Stolen?. Intellectual Property Protection. Open Versus Closed Source -- ESPIONAGE. Introduction. What Is Espionage?. Case Studies. Cyber Warfare -- DISGRUNTLED EMPLOYEES AND SABOTAGE. Introduction and Background. Disgruntled Employee Data Issues. Disgruntled Employee Software Issues. Disgruntled Employee System Issues. What to Do About Disgruntled Employee Acts. Sabotage -- WHISTLE-BLOWING. A Hypothetical Scenario. Whistle-Blowing and Software Engineering. More Case Studies and Anecdotes. PRACTICAL IMPLICATIONS OF THE RESEARCH INTO WHISTLE-BLOWING -- VIEWPOINTS ON DARK SIDE ISSUES -- Introduction -- OPINIONS, PREDICTIONS, AND BELIEFS. Automated Crime 246 Donn B. Parker Information Sources. Let's Play Make Believe / Dark, Light, or Just Another Shade of Grey? / Rational Software Developers as Pathological Code Hackers / PERSONAL ANECDOTES. An Officer and a Gentleman Confronts the Dark Side / Less Carrot and More Stick / "Them and Us": Dispatches from the Virtual Software Team Trenches / What is it to Lie on a Software Project? / "Merciless Control Instrument" and the Mysterious Missing Fax / Forest of Arden / Hard-Headed Hardware Hit Man / A Lighthearted Anecdote / CONCLUSIONS. Linda Rising -- Karl E. Wiegers. Les Hatton. Norman Fenton -- Grady Booch. June Verner. Valentine Casey. Robert N. Britcher. A. H. (anonymous). David Alan Grier. Will Tracz. Eugene Farmer -- I.1. PART 1. CHAPTER 1. 1.1. 1.2. 1.3. 1.4. CHAPTER 2. 2.1. 2.2. 2.3. 2.4. 2.5. CHAPTER 3. 3.1. 3.2. 3.3. 3.4. 3.5. 3.6. 3.7. 3.8. 3.9. CHAPTER 4. 4.1. 4.2. 4.3. 4.4. 4.5. CHAPTER 5. 5.1. 5.2. 5.3. 5.4. CHAPTER 6. 6.1. 6.2. 6.3. 6.4. 6.5. 6.6. CHAPTER 7. 7.1. 7.2. 7.3. APPENDIX TO CHAPTER 7. PART 2. CHAPTER 8. 8.1. 8.2. 8.3. 8.4. CHAPTER 9. 9.1. 9.2. 9.3. 9.4. 9.5. 9.6. 9.7. 9.8.

In the increasingly conscience-focused marketplaces of the 21st century, the demand for more ethical business processes is increasing. Based on substantive research, this is an exposé on the prevalence of subversion, lying, hacking and espionage on every level of the management of software projects.

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Software engineering--Moral and ethical aspects.
Computer software industry--Moral and ethical aspects.
Software engineering
Computer software industry

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