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Label-free technologies for drug discovery / editors, Matthew Cooper, Lorenz Mayr. - Chichester, West Sussex, U.K. : John Wiley & Sons, 2011. - 1 online resource

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Front Matter -- The Revolution of Real-Time, Label-Free Biosensor Applications / Rebecca L Rich, David G Myszka -- Design and Implementation of Vertically Emitting Distributed Feedback Lasers for Biological Sensing / Meng Lu, Steven S Choi, Chun Ge, Clark J Wagner, J Gary Eden, Brian T Cunningham -- SPR Screening of Chemical Microarrays for Fragment-Based Discovery / Thomas Neumann, Renate Sekul -- The CellKeyʼ System: A Label-Free Cell-Based Assay Platform for Early Drug Discovery Applications / Ryan P McGuinness, Debra L Gallant, Yen-Wen Chen, Trisha A Tutana, Donna L Wilson, John M Proctor, H Roger Tang -- Dynamic and Label-Free Cell-Based Assays Using the xCELLigence System / Yama A Abassi, Alexander Sieler, Manfred Watzele, Xiaobo Wang, Xiao Xu -- Selecting the Best HTS Hits to Move Forward: ITC Ligand Binding Characterization Provides Guidance / Ronan O'Brien, Richard Brown -- Incorporating Transmitted Light Modalities into High-Content Analysis Assays / Robert Graves -- Nonradioactive Rubidium Efflux Assay Technology for Screening of Ion Channels / Georg C Terstappen -- Expanding the Scope of HTMS Methods / Tom G Holt, Jun Wang, Xun Chen, Bernard K Choi, Neil S Geoghagen, Kristian K Jensen, Maxine Jonas, Qi Luo, William A LaMarr, Lorraine Malkowitz, Can C Ozbal, Yusheng Xiong, Claude Dufresne, Ming-Juan Luo -- A Novel Multiplex SPR Array for Rapid Screening and Affinity Determination of Monoclonal Antibodies: The ProteOn XPR36 Label Free System: Kinetic Screening of Monoclonal Antibodies / Vered Bronner, Oded Nahshol, Tsafrir Bravman -- Biophysics/Label-Free Assays in Hit Discovery and Verification / Johannes Ottl -- Harnessing Optical Label-Free on Microtiter Plates for Lead Finding: From Binding to Phenotypes / Julio Martin -- Use of Label-Free Detection Technologies in the Hit-to-Lead Process: Surface Optical Detection of Cellular Processes / F Stuhmeier, J Bradley, E Fairman, E Gbekor, P Hayter, S Ramsey -- Cellular Screening for 7TM Receptors Using Label-Free Detection / Jeffrey C Jerman, Jason Brown, Magalie Rocheville -- Novartis Evaluation of the ForteBio Octet RED: A Versatile Instrument for Direct Binding Experiments / Eric Martin, John Wang, Isabel Zaror, Jiamin Yu, Kelly Yan, Mike Doyle, Paul Feucht, Kevin Shoemaker, Bob Warne, Mike Chin, Blisseth Sy, Lukas Leder, Marco Meyerhofer, Charles Wartchow, Danfeng Yao -- The Pyramid₉ Approach to Fragment-Based Biophysical Screening / Glyn Williams -- Characterisation of Antibodies Against the Active Conformation of G Using the SRU-BINDʼ Label-Free Detection System / Melanie Leveridge, Chun-Wa Chung, Trevor Wattam -- SPR-Based Direct Binding Assays in Drug Discovery / Walter Huber -- Kinetic Binding Mechanisms: Their Contribution to an Optimal Therapeutic Index / David C Swinney -- ITC: More Than Just Binding Affinities / Ernesto Freire -- Index. The revolution of real-time, label-free biosensor applications / Rebecca L. Rich and David G. Myszka -- Design and implementation of vertically emitting distributed feedback lasers for biological sensing / Meng Lu [and others] -- SPR screening of chemical microarrays for fragment based discovery / Thomas Neumann and Renate Sekul -- The cellkey system : a label-free cell-based assay platform for early drug discovery applications / Ryan P. McGuinness [and others] -- Dynamic and label-free cell-based assays using the xcelligence system / Yama A. Abassi [and others] -- Selecting the best HTS hits to move forward : ITC ligand binding characterization provides guidance / Ronan O'Brien & Richard Brown -- Incorporating transmitted light modalities into high-content analysis assays / Robert Graves -- Nonradioactive rubidium efflux assay technology for screening of ion channels / Georg C. Terstappen -- Expanding the scope of HTMS methods / Tom G. Holt [and others] -- A novel multiplex SPR array for rapid screening and affinity determination of monoclonal antibodies : the proteon XPR36 label free system : kinetic screening of monoclonal antibodies / Vered Bronner, Oded Nahshol, and Tsafrir Bravman -- Biophysics/label-free assays in hit discovery and verification / Johannes Ottl -- Harnessing optical label-free on microtiter plates for lead finding from binding to phenotypes / Julio Martin -- Use of label-free detection technologies in the hit-to-lead process: surface optical detection of cellular processes / F. Stuhmeier [and others] -- Cellular screening for 7TMS using label-free detection / Jeffrey C. Jerman, Jason Brown, and Magalie Rocheville -- Novartis evaluation of the ForteBio Octet RED : a versatile instrument for direct-binding experiments / Eric Martin [and others] -- The pyramid approach to fragment-based biophysical screening / Glyn Williams -- Characterisation of antibodies against the active conformation of Gài1 using the SRU-BIND label free detection system / Melanie Leveridge, Chun-Wa Chung, and Trevor Wattam -- SPR based direct binding assays in drug discovery / Walter Huber -- Kinetic binding mechanisms: their contribution to an optimal therapeutic index / David C. Swinney -- ITC : more than just binding affinities / Ernesto Freire.

Over the past two decades the benefits of label-free biosensor analysis have begun to make an impact in the market, and systems are beginning to be used as mainstream research tools in many drug discovery laboratories. Label-Free Technologies For Drug Discovery summarises the latest and emerging developments in label-free detection systems, their underlying technology principles and end-user case studies that reveal the power and limitations of label-free in all areas of drug discovery. Label-free technologies discussed include SPR, NMR, high-throughput mass spectrometry, resonant waveguide plat.

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