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Advances and applications in electroceramics /

Advances and applications in electroceramics / edited by K.M. Nair, Quanxi Jia, Shashank Priya. - Hoboken, N.J. : [Westerville, Ohio] : Wiley ; American Ceramic Society, ©2011. - 1 online resource (x, 260 pages) : illustrations. - Ceramic transactions ; v. 226 . - Ceramic transactions ; v. 226. .

"This volume contains a collection of 26 papers from four symposia that were held during the 2010 Materials Science and Technology Conference (MS & T'10) held at ... Houston, Texas, USA, October 17-22, 2010"--Preface.

Includes bibliographical references and author index.

Front Matter -- Dielectric Materials and Electronic Devices. Numerical Simulations of a Back Grinding Process for Silicon Wafers / AH Abdelnaby, GP Potirniche, F Barlow, B Poulsen, A Elshabini, R Parker, T Jiang -- Sol-Gel Processing of Single Phase BiFeO Ceramics: A Structural, Microstructural, Dielectric, and Ferroelectric Study / L F C̤tica, P V Sochodolak, V F Freitas, I A Santos, D Garcia, J A Eiras -- Electro Ceramic Properties of Porous Silicon Thin Films on P-Type Crystalline Silicon / Faruk Fonthal -- Tape Cast Dielectric Composites Produced with Camphene as a Freezing Medium / EP Gorzkowski, M-J Pan, B A Bender -- Electronic Transfer between Low-Dimensional Nanosystems / Karel Kral -- Combined Dilatometer-Mass Spectrometer Analysis of the Sintering of Barium Titanate / Murray A Moss, Stephen J Lombardo -- Effect of DC Poling Field on Ferroelectric Properties in Alkali Bismuth Titanate Lead-Free Ceramics / Toshio Ogawa, Takayuki Nishina, Masahito Furukawa, Takeo Tsukada -- Multifunctional Nature of Modified Iron Titanates and Their Potential Applications / R K Pandey, P Padmini, P Kale, J Dou, C Lohn, R Schad, R Wilkins, W Geerts -- Long-Term Convergence of Bulk- and Nano-Crystal Properties / Sergei L Pyshkin, John M Ballato -- Influence of Magnetic Flux Density and Sintering Process on the Oriented Structure of C-Axis-Oriented SrNaNbO Piezoelectric Ceramics / Satoshi Tanaka, Takuma Takahashi, Tomoko Kawase, Ryoichi Furushima, Hiroyuki Shimizu, Yutaka Doshida, Keizo Uematsu -- Sintering of Defect-Free BaTiSnO/BaTiSnO Functionally Graded Materials / S Markovic, D Uskokovic -- Applications of High-Throughput Screening Tools for Thermoelectric Materials / W Wong-Ng, H Joress, J Martin, Y Yan, J Yang, M Otani, E L Thomas, ML Green, J Hattrick-Simpers -- Developments in High Temperature Superconductors. Altering Self-Assembly of Second Phase Additions in YBaCuO for Pinning Enhancement / Francisco J Baca, Paul N Barnes, Timothy J Haugan, Jack L Burke, CV Varanasi, Rose L Emergo, Judy Z Wu -- Electrical Properties of HgTlBaCaCuO for (n=1-5) HTSC System / Ghazala Y Hermiz, Ebtisam Kh AL-Beyaty -- Electrodeposited Ag-Stabilization Layer for High Temperature Superconducting Coated Conductors / Raghu N Bhattacharya, Jonathan Mann, Yunfei Qiao, Yue Zhang, Venkat Selvamanickam -- The Combined Influence of SiC and Rare-Earth Oxides Doping on Superconducting Properties of MgB Wires / Hui Fang, Brenden Wiggins, Gan Liang -- Fabrication of GdBCO Coated Conductors on Clad-Type Textured Metal Substrates for HTS Cables / Kazuya Ohmatsu, Kenji Abiru, Yoshihiro Honda, Yuki Shingai, Masaya Konishi -- Characteristics of Superconducting YBCO Phase Formation through Auto Combustion Citrate-Nitrate Sol-Gel / Hassan Sheikh, Ebrahim Paimozd, Ali Sharbati, Sedigheh Sheikh -- Chemical Interactions of the BaYCuO Superconductor with Coated Conductor Buffer Layers / W Wong-Ng, Z Yang, G Liu, Q Huang, LP Cook, S Diwanji, C Lucas, M-H Jang, JA Kaduk -- Chemical Tailoring of Electronic Doping in YGdBaSrCuO High T Superconductors / MM Abbas, MN Makadsi, EK Al-Shakarchi -- Processing ₆Property Relations for YGdBaCuO High T Superconductors / Matti N Makadsi, Emad K Al-Shakarchi, Muna M Abbas -- Magnetoelectric Multiferroics. Finite-Size Effects in Nanoscaled Multiferroics / J J Heremans, J Zhong, R Varghese, G T Yee, S Priya -- Functionally Graded Piezomagnetic and Piezoelectric Bilayers for Magnetic Field Sensors: Magnetoelectric Interactions at Low-Frequencies and at Bending Modes / S K Mandal, G Sreenivasulu, V M Petrov, S Bandekar, G Srinivasan -- Magnetic and Electrical Properties of 0.7BiDyFeO-0.3Pb(FeNb)O Multiferroic / Agata Stoch, Jan Kulawik, Pawel Stoch, Jan Maurin, Piotr Zachariasz, Piotr Zielinski -- Multiferroic Nanofilm with Bilayer of Pb(ZrTi)O and CoFeO Prepared by Electrophoretic Deposition / Dongxiang Zhou, Gang Jian, Yanan Zheng, Fei Shi -- Multifunctional Oxides. Synthesis and Characterization of Ternary Cobalt Spinel Oxides for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting to Produce Hydrogen / Sudhakar Shet, Yanfa Yan, Todd Deutsch, Heli Wang, Nuggehalli Ravindra, John Turner, Mowafak Al-Jassim.

This book contains 26 papers from the Magnetoelectric Multiferroic Thin Films and Multilayers; Dielectric Ceramic Materials and Electronic Devices; Recent Developments in High-Temperature Superconductivity; and Multifunctional Oxides symposia held during the 2010 Materials Science and Technology (MS & T'10) meeting, October 17-21, 2010, Houston, Texas. Topics include: Properties; Structures; Synthesis; Characterization; Device Applications; Multiferroics and Magnetoelectrics; YBCO Pinning Methods and Properties; YBCO Processing and Reliability Related Issues; New Superconductors and MgB2.

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