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Kelley, Gail S.

Construction law an introduction for engineers, architects, and contractors / [electronic resource] : Gail S. Kelley. - Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons, 2012. - 1 online resource. - Engineering case studies online .

Includes index.

Construction Law: An Introduction for engineers, Architects, and Contractors; Copyright; Contents; Preface; 1: Law and Government; 1.1: Introduction; 1.1.1: The Powers of Governments; 1.1.2: City and County Governments; 1.1.3: The Powers of the Federal Government; 1.2: The Sources and Hierarchy of Law; 1.2.1: The Constitution; 1.2.2: Statutes and Ordinances; 1.2.3: Agency Regulations; 1.2.4: International Treaties; 1.2.5: Appellate Court Opinions; 1.3: The American Judicial System; 1.3.1: Structure of the Court Systems; 1.3.2: Federal Trial and Appeals Courts. 1.3.3: State Trial and Appeals Courts1.4: Common Law; 1.4.1: Stare Decisis; 1.4.2: Restatements of the Law; 1.5: Legal Codes; 1.5.1: Uniform Codes; 1.5.2: The Uniform Commercial Code; 1.6: Legal Doctrines; 1.7: Choice-of-Law Clauses; 1.8: Criminal Law versus Civil Law; 1.9: Cause of Action; 1.10: Summary Judgment; 2: Basic Legal Principles; 2.1: Legal Issues in Construction; 2.2: Principles of Contract Law; 2.2.1: Unilateral Contracts versus Bilateral Contracts; 2.2.2: Oral Contracts; 2.2.3: Third-Party Beneficiaries; 2.2.4: Contract Interpretation; 2.3: Principles of Agency Law. 2.3.1: Apparent Authority2.3.2: The Principal's Liability for the Agent's Acts; 2.3.3: Ratification; 2.4: Principles of Tort Law; 2.4.1: Intentional Torts; 2.4.2: Unintentional Torts (Negligence); 2.4.3: Strict Liability; 2.4.4: Misrepresentation; 3: Project Participants; 3.1: The Owner; 3.1.1: Access to the Building Site; 3.1.2: Restrictions on Use of the Property; 3.2: The Design Professional Team; 3.2.1: Site Evaluation Consultants; 3.2.2: The Geotechnical Consultant; 3.3: The Construction Team; 3.3.1: Subcontractors and Suppliers; 3.4: Construction Lenders. 3.4.1: Collateral Assignment to Lender3.4.2: Other Lender Requirements; 3.4.3: Construction Loans; 3.4.4: Bond Financing; 4: Project Delivery Systems; 4.1: Design-Bid-Build; 4.2: Multiple Primes; 4.3: Construction Management; 4.3.1: Agency Construction Management; 4.3.2: Construction Management At-Risk (CMAR); 4.4: Design-Build; 4.4.1: Design-Build Proposals; 4.4.2: Advantages and Disadvantages of Design-Build; 4.4.3: Bridging Consultants; 4.5: Engineer-Procure-Construct (EPC); 4.6: Turnkey Construction; 4.7: Integrated Project Delivery (IPD); 4.8: Fast-Track Construction. 4.9: Public-Private Partnerships4.9.1: History of Public-Private Partnerships; 4.9.2: Constraints on Public-Private Partnerships; 5: Construction Contracts; 5.1: The Construction Contract; 5.1.1: Prebid Conferences; 5.1.2: Right to Reject Bids; 5.2: The Contract Documents (Owner-Contractor); 5.2.1: The Contractor's Bid; 5.3: Conflicts between the Documents; 5.4: Errors in the Documents; 5.4.1: Latent Discrepancies; 5.5: Specific over General; Written over Printed; 5.6: Interpretation against Drafter; 5.7: Specifications; 5.8: Description of the Work under a Construction Contract. 5.9: Third-Party Beneficiaries.

For a construction business to function properly, architects, engineers, and contractors need to understand how the various state and federal laws affect their business and how to avoid disputes and exposure to liability. This book offers a comprehensive review of the US legal environment, both criminal and civil, focusing on the key legal concepts and issues applicable to a typical construction project. Construction professionals will find clear, concise introduction to a wide range of contractual issues related to project participants, as well as issues related to the actual construction and.

This edition in English.

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Construction contracts--United States.
Construction industry--Law and legislation--United States.
Construction contracts--United States.
Construction industry--Law and legislation--United States.
Construction contracts.
Construction industry--Law and legislation.

United States.

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Electronic books.



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