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Krichene, Noureddine.

Islamic capital markets : theory and practice / Noureddine Krichene. - New York : Wiley, 2012. - 1 online resource (748 pages). - Wiley finance . - Wiley finance series. .

Title; Copyright; Dedication; Preface; Acknowledgments; Glossary of Arabic Terms; Part One: Islamic Capital Markets: Tools of Securities Investment, Asset Pricing, Risk Management, and Portfolio Performance; Chapter 1: Capital Theory and Islamic Capital Markets; On the Nature of Capital; On the Nature of Interest and Profit; Capital Theory in Islamic Finance; Time Preference and Capital Markets; Capital Productivity: The Intertemporal Production Opportunity Set; General Equilibrium: Time Preference and Capital Productivity; Model of Capital as a Subsistence Fund Capital as an Engine of GrowthThe Capital Market and the Economy; The Intermediation Role of the Capital Market; Summary; References; Questions; Chapter 2: Portfolio Theory and Risk-Return Tradeoff; Market Uncertainty; Portfolio Diversification Theory; Portfolio Diversification in the Case of Two Risky Assets; A Model of a Riskless Asset and a Risky Asset; Asset Pricing Based on Risk-Return Tradeoff; The Security Market Line; Efficiency Frontier, Capital Market Line, Characteristic Line, and Security Market Line; The Cost of Capital Based on the Capital Asset Pricing Model; Summary Mechanics of TradingSummary; References; Questions; Chapter 5: The Cost of Capital; Objective of the Firm: Market Value Maximization and the Cost of Capital; Project Selection: The Hurdle Rate; Defining Capital Cost: The Discount Rate; The Net Cash Flow; The Present Value Formula; Relationship between Risk and the Cost of Capital; Estimating the Cost of Equity Capital and Overall Cost of Capital; Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM); Risk-Adjusted versus Certainty-Equivalent Discount Rates; Applying the CAPM to Calculate Certainty-Equivalent Cash Flow The Valuation of Securities, Leverage, and the Cost of Capital: The Modigliani and Miller TheoryWeighted Average Cost of Capital; Implications of the Capital Cost Analysis for the Theory of Investment: Capital Structure and Investment Policy; The Agency Problem; Summary; References; Questions; Chapter 6: Asset Pricing under Uncertainty; Modeling Risk and Return; Market Efficiency and Arbitrage-Free Pricing; Basic Principles of Derivatives Pricing; Summary; References; Questions; Chapter 7: The Consumption-Based Pricing Model; Intertemporal Optimization and Implication to Asset Pricing

A comprehensive look at the essentials of Islamic capital markets Bringing together theoretical and practical aspects of capital markets, Islamic Capital Markets offers readers a comprehensive insight into the institutions, instruments, and regulatory framework that comprise Islamic capital markets. Also exploring ideas about money, central banking, and economic growth theory and their role in Islamic capital markets, the book provides students and practitioners with essential information about the analytical tools of Islamic capital markets, serves as a guide to investing in I.

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Investments--Religious aspects--Islam.
Investments--Islamic countries.
Banks and banking--Islamic countries.
Capital market--Islamic countries.
Financial instruments--Islamic countries.
Finance (Islamic law)
Bonds--Islamic countries.
BUSINESS & ECONOMICS--Investments & Securities--General.
Banks and banking.
Capital market.
Finance (Islamic law)
Financial instruments.
Investments, Islamic country.
Investments--Religious aspects--Islam.

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