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Handbook of food science and technology. 2, Food process engineering and packaging / Food process engineering and packaging edited by Romain Jeantet...[et al.]. - 1 online resource

Table of Contents; Title; Copyright; Introduction; PART 1: Basis of Food Engineering; 1 Transport Phenomena -- Basis of Unit Operations; 1.1. Transfer processes in conduction; 1.2. Convective transfer processes; PART 2: Food Biological Stabilization; 2 Inhibition of Food Modifying Agents; 2.1. Refrigeration and freezing; 2.2. Concentration by evaporation; 2.3. Dehydration; 2.4. Stabilization by chemical inhibition; 3 Separation of Food Modifying Agents; 3.1. Sedimentation; 3.2. Cross-flow filtration; 4 Inactivation of Food Modifying Agents; 4.1. Heat treatment; 4.2. Food irradiation 4.3. Combined treatmentsPART 3: Food Physicochemical Stabilization; 5 Stability of Complex Foods and Dispersed Systems; 5.1. Complex foods: overview of dispersed systems; 5.2. Production of emulsions; 5.3. Stability of dispersed systems; PART 4: Food Ingredient Preparation; 6 Physicochemical Basis of Fractionation and Related Technologies; 6.1. Particle separation; 6.2. Steric separation; 6.3. Separation by charge; 6.4. Separation by affinity chromatography; 6.5. Extraction of lipophilic molecules; 6.6. Biotransformation and its use in separation 7 Biotransformation and Physicochemical Processing7.1. Biotransformation; 7.2. Physicochemical changes; PART 5: Packaging; 8 Packaging: Principles and Technology; 8.1. Packaging: definition and principles; 8.2. Functions of packaging; 8.3. Properties of packaging material; 8.4. Packaging materials; 8.5. Packaging technologies; Bibliography; List of Authors; Index; End User License Agreement

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