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245 0 4 _aThe volunteer management handbook :
_bleadership strategies for success /
_cedited by Tracy Daniel Connors.
250 _a2nd ed.
260 _aHoboken, N.J. :
_bJohn Wiley,
300 _a1 online resource (xliii, 436 pages) :
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338 _aonline resource
490 0 _a[Wiley Nonprofit law, finance and management series]
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520 _a"Completely revised and expanded, the ultimate guide to starting--and keeping--an active and effective volunteer programDrawing on the experience and expertise of recognized authorities on nonprofit organizations, The Volunteer Management Handbook, Second Edition is the only guide you need for establishing and maintaining an active and effective volunteer program. Written by nonprofit leader Tracy Connors, this handy reference offers practical guidance on such essential issues as motivating people to volunteer their time and services, recruitment, and more. Up-to-date and practical, this is the essential guide to managing your nonprofit's most important resource: its volunteers. Now covers volunteer demographics, volunteer program leaders and managers, policy making and implementation, planning and staff analysis, recruiting, interviewing and screening volunteers, orienting and training volunteers, and much moreUp-to-date, practical guidance for the major areas of volunteer leadership and managementExplores volunteers and the law: liabilities, immunities, and responsibilitiesDesigned to help nonprofit organizations survive and thrive, The Volunteer Management Handbook, Second Edition is an indispensable reference that is unsurpassed in both the breadth and depth of its coverage"--
_cProvided by publisher.
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
500 _aMachine generated contents note: Preface. Part One Volunteer Resource Program Assessment, Analysis, and Planning.Organizational Assessment/Planning. Chapter 1 Volunteer Models and Management (R. Dale Safrit, Ed. D. North Carolina State University and Ryan Schmiesing, Ph. D. Ohio Community Service Council). Chapter 2 Volunteer Demographics (Harriett C. Edwards, Ed. D., R. Dale Safrit, Ed. D. and Kimberly Allen, North Carolina State University). Chapter 3 Preparing the Organization for Volunteers (Jeffery L. Brudney, Ph. D., Cleveland State University). Chapter 4 Shaping an Organizational Culture of Employee and Volunteer Commitment (Judith A.M. Smith, D.M., HandsOn Jacksonville, Inc.). Operational Assessment/Planning. Chapter 5 Maximizing Volunteer Engagement (Sarah Jane Rehnborg, Ph. D. and Meg Moore, MBA, University Of Texas at Austin). Chapter 6 Assessment, Planning and Staffing Analysis (Cheryle Yallen, MS, CNY Enterprises, Chicago, IL and Barbara Wentworth, MS). Chapter 7 Policy Development for Volunteer Involvement (Linda L. Graff, BSW, MA, Linda Graff and Associates Inc.). Part Two Strategic Deployment and Implementation. Accession. Chapter 8 The Latest Approach to Volunteer Recruitment Competency-Competence Pathways and Volunteer Resource Management Systems (Stephen Hobbs, Ed. D., WELLthLearning.com). Chapter 9 Orientation. Welcoming New Volunteers into the Organization (Harriett C. Edwards, Ed. D., North Carolina State University). Training. Chapter 10 Training Volunteers (Mary Kay Hood, M.S., Hendricks Regional Health).Communications. Chapter 11 Volunteer and Staff Relations (Nancy Macduff, MACE, Macduff/Bunt Associates). Chapter 12 Communicating with Volunteers and Staff (Denise Sevick Bortree, Ph. D., Pennsylvania State University). Program Management. Chapter 13 Volunteer Performance Management. The Impact Wheel (Julie Cross, Ph. D., Stratagem, Inc. and Stephen Hobbs, Ed. D., WELLth Learning Network). Chapter 14 Risk Management in Volunteer Involvement (Linda L. Graff, MA, Linda Graff and Associates Inc.). Part Three Results and Evaluation. Chapter 15 Evaluating the Volunteer Program. Contexts and Models (Jeffrey L. Brudney, Ph. D., Cleveland State University and Tamara G. Nezhina, Ph. D., Depaul University). Chapter 16 Evaluating Impact of Volunteer Programs (R. Dale Safrit, Ed. D., North Carolina State University). About the Editor. About the Contributors. About the Website. Index.
505 0 _aVolunteer resource program assessment, analysis, and planning -- Organization assessment and planning -- Volunteer models and management / R. Dale Safrit, Ryan Schmiesing -- Volunteer demographics / Harriet C. Edwards, R. Dale Safrit, Kimberly Allen -- Preparing the organization for volunteers / Jeffrey L. Brudney -- Shaping an organizational culture of employee and volunteer commitment / Judith A.M. Smith -- Operational assessment and planning -- Maximizing volunteer engagement / Sarah Jane Rehnborg, Meg Moore -- Assessment, planning, and staffing analysis / Cheryle N. Yallen, Barbara K. Wentworth -- Policy development for volunteer involvement / Linda L. Graff -- Strategic deployment and implementation -- Accession -- The latest approach to volunteer recruitment: competency-competence pathways and volunteer resource management systems / Stephen Hobbs -- Orientation: welcoming new volunteers into the organization / Harriett C. Edwards -- Training -- Training volunteers / Mary Kay Hood -- Communications -- Volunteer and staff relations / Nancy Mcduff -- Communication with volunteers and staff / Denise Sevick Bortree -- Program management -- Volunteer performance management: the impact wheel / Julie Anne Cross, Stephen Hobbs -- Risk management in volunteer involvement / Linda L. Graff -- Results and evaluation -- Evaluating the volunteer program: contexts and models / Jeffrey L. Brudney, Tamara G. Nezhina -- Evaluating impact of volunteer programs / R. Dale Safrit.
650 0 _aVoluntarism
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_xPersonnel management.
_xVolunteer Work.
650 7 _aNonprofit organizations
_xPersonnel management.
650 7 _aVoluntarism
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_xorganization & administration.
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700 1 _aConnors, Tracy Daniel.
776 0 8 _iPrint version:
_tVolunteer management handbook.
_b2nd ed.
_dHoboken, NJ : Wiley, ©2012
_w(DLC) 2011015869
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