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100 1 _aYoung, Doug,
245 1 4 _aThe party line :
_bhow the media dictates public opinion in modern China /
_cDoug Young.
260 _aSingapore :
300 _a1 online resource (xv, 256 pages) :
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500 _aIncludes index.
520 _a"The first in depth, authoritative discussion of the role of the press in China and the way the Chinese government uses the media to shape public opinion. China's 1.3 billion population may make the country the world's largest, but the vast majority of Chinese share remarkably similar views on these and a wide array of other issues, thanks to the unified message they get from tightly controlled state run media. Official views are formed at the top in organisations like the Xinhua News Agency and China Central Television and allowed to trickle down to regional and local media, giving the appearance of many voices with a single message that is reinforced at every level. As a result, the Chinese are remarkably like minded on a wide range of issues both domestic and foreign. Takes readers beyond China's economic miracle to show how the nation's massive state run media complex not only influences public opinion but creates it. Explores an array of issues, from Tibet and Taiwan to the environment and US trade relations, as seen through the lens of the Xinhua News Agency. Tells the story of the official Xinhua News Agency along with its history and reporting over the years, as the foundation for telling the story"--Provided by publisher.
588 0 _aPrint version record.
505 0 _aThe agenda: telling the party's story -- Spreading the word: the machinery -- Ultranetworked: caught up in connections -- Reporters: the party's eyes and ears -- Korea and Tibet: China finds its voice -- Cultural revolution: the ultimate media movement -- A Nixon visit, the death of Mao, and the road to reform: a softer approach -- The Tiananmen square divide: the media gains, then loses, its voice -- Falun Gong: guerilla coverage returns -- A bombing in Belgrade and anti-Japanese marches: the nationalism card -- SARS: don't spoil our party -- The Beijing Olympics and Sichuan earthquake: rallying points -- Google in China: editorializing.
650 0 _aMass media
_xPolitical aspects
650 0 _aMass media policy
650 0 _aPublic opinion
650 0 _aCommunism
651 0 _aHong Kong (China)
_xPolitics and government.
650 4 _aCommunism
650 4 _aCommunism.
650 7 _aHISTORY
_xRussia & the Former Soviet Union.
650 7 _aCommunism.
650 7 _aMass media policy.
650 7 _aMass media
_xPolitical aspects.
650 7 _aPolitics and government
650 7 _aPublic opinion.
651 7 _aChina.
651 7 _aChina
_zHong Kong.
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776 0 8 _iPrint version:
_aYoung, Doug.
_tParty line.
_dSingapore : Wiley, ©2013
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